About Whimsical Wings Butterfly Kits

Our lifecycle kits come with everything you need to successfully raise your Monarch caterpillars to full grown butterflies. And, once you’ve released them to fly free into our world, you can use your kit again and again to raise more! Not only do these kits entertain with hours of watching fat, munching caterpillars go through their interesting lifecycle antics, they create another opportunity to address the dwindling Monarch population by providing their much-needed host plant. Every garden should have at least one milkweed plant. Per USDA regulations, we can only ship to areas in the U.S. East of the Continental Divide. Season begins April and ends in October each year.

Each kit contains:

  • One milkweed plant
  • One to two monarch butterfly eggs or caterpillars
  • Magnifying glass so you can observe up close
  • Spray bottle for misting chrysalis
  • A net to keep your milkweed and butterflies safely contained
  • Instructions for caring for your butterflies and milkweed throughout the 30 days
  • Lifecycle Poster
  • Plant tray

For instructions on how to use our kit, you may download our brochure:

After you free your butterflies, and before you plant your milkweed in your garden, take your milkweed plant and cut a branch off the top. Dip the cut end into rooting hormone. Place the branch into a pot of soil and water gently every few days. You will soon have another milkweed plant for wild Monarchs to lay their eggs on! Watch the plant closely for eggs. When you see them, put the plant in the safety of your netted cube and watch the process all over again!

About Whimsical Wings Farms – Our Vision

Our farm is our community. Many in our community have special needs, in some way. Most are not employable in the public sector. Yet here, on the farm, they are as important as the other. All are born in the stream of life, and serve out their purpose with joy and conviction. We work here, we also live here. Everyone has their own home. Some have staff who come in certain hours to assist. Others have live-in staff who support them as they live independently and enjoy their adult lives with the freedom most people take for granted.

We work together, live together, support one another, value and love one another in our community.

Coming to Charlotte – 2023

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