A Wonderful World (and Yard)

“I see trees of green, Red roses too.
I see them bloom, For me and you
And I think to myself, What a wonderful world”
– Lyrics to “A Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong

This song always makes me think of beautiful yards.  But a beautiful yard is in the eyes of the beholder.  Personally, I love my “white” yard.    Lots of people see clover or other wild flowers in the yard as a weed and/or foe.   But did you know that these wild flowers are what the pollinators survive on in the spring?   The garden flowers have not yet bloomed, but the pollinators are already out and about, and need sustenance.   That’s where these lovely flowers come into play and are a staple in the feeding of pollinators.

I know people love a lush green yard.   But do you know the consequences of having one?   If you eradicate the clover and other wild flowers from your yard with chemicals, not only are you killing off the much needed food for all the pollinators, but you are also killing the insects that live in the soil as well as your local song birds that feed off these insects.

Instead of using chemicals, EMBRACE the wild flowers growing in your yard.   You will be amazed with all the creatures that will enjoy them.   And in turn, you will get to enjoy knowing you have a pollinator friendly yard and will be rewarded with these wonderful whimsical winged creatures.   What a wonderful world, indeed.

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