Don’t Spray for Mosquitos

You hate mosquitos.  I hate mosquitos.  EVERYONE hates mosquitos.

Because of this, millions of people use companies to help eradicate these unwanted pests.   But did you know that you’re killing more than just mosquitos?   You are killing all the good insects too, including our beloved pollinators.

The wind – no matter how faint – can also transfer the chemicals that are being sprayed.   As they’re being sprayed onto certain areas of your home (typically plants), the wind can carry them to plants that you may not want to be poisoned.  It’s impossible to fully contain the spray and what plants it hits.

These chemical sprays kill the mosquitos, but they also kill our beloved caterpillars and butterflies.   The reason being, the spray will hit the plants which both the caterpillars and butterflies eat.   So not only will they be poisoned and die, but any bird or other creature that eats the insect will be poisoned as well.

Great alternatives for keeping mosquitos at bay – remove any standing water in your yard and purchase plants!   Plants are great for helping to keep mosquitos at bay.   Some top plants are citronella, lavender, and mint – to name a few.   Additional types of plants that can repel mosquitos can be found at:

Also, don’t forget to use mosquito spray on you!   If you use the spray on your body, which you can easily wash off, this too will keep you protected, but won’t harm the environment.

So enjoy your yard this summer, mosquito free, while also enjoying our beloved butterflies!

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