We Made Country Living!

Our butterfly kit was featured in Country Living magazine! The Whimsical Wings kit was one of 8 entries for easy, at-home options for raising butterflies. We were the top-rated kit with Monarchs, and best pick for “plant included” options. https://www.countryliving.com/gardening/g32782691/best-butterfly-kits/

Being a small farm in our first years of development with this kit, the Country Living exposure is a huge win for us. Being in a comparison with some of the largest providers of educational science supplies is truly an honor and lets us know we are doing some things right!

This feature also tells us that we still have a great deal of education to share on the differences between Monarchs and Painted Lady butterflies. The two lifecycles contrast significantly in style. The Monarch is by far the more interesting butterfly to watch. And, as they hover near the endangered species list, it behooves us all to lend a helping hand by having milkweed for them. As their only host plant, having it in our gardens or even in a pot on the deck is crucial to their survival. It is our mission to see every household, school, park and store front to have this precious host plant.

Check your local garden centers for pesticide-free native milkweed options. Milkweed comes in many varieties and colors to coordinate nicely with your existing landscape. The only species we would caution you to shy away from is Common milkweed. This is an invasive option that grows aggressively and is difficult to manage.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for specific questions about milkweed and Monarchs. We are always available to talk about our passion!

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